A perfect storm which blew no good !

Today had been progressing much as any other day which was strange given that the day was secretly unravelling with silent malevolence behind my back.

Apart from an unexpected call to work at 6.30 am – which itself was something of a negative start, the convergence of several strands of misfortune led to a situation where Vaughan was worried I had driven off the road and nothing was done to disavow him of that belief.

Of course, when I realised I was going to be out of contact for 24 hours or so (unexpectedly) I passed on messages via work contacts. However, they didn’t see the urgency in the message and ‘used their initiative’ and de-prioritised the calls. Marry that with a poorly set-up answerphone on my mobile and no sense of urgency (as I thought the message had been passed on) and the perfect storm had taken shape without my knowledge.

So about 30 minutes ago, I walk back into the land of the connected and find I have been missing in action with the consequent worry, stress and subsequent anger resulting.

You can imagine, I am now something akin to persona non grata which only feeds into my usual position of ‘If you want something done correctly – do it yourself’.

#communication #missing #mistake #worried


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