A sight I thought I’d never see …


I have two important ‘people’ in my life – one of them just happens to be a Border Collie called Taz. Unfortunately, although they both mean the world to me, the relationship between them is less inclusive.

Don’t misunderstand me, neither bears any malice towards the other – it’s just that Vaughan’s relationship with dogs is somewhat complicated – a fact which Taz is able to sense. As a result, their engagement to date has been far more ‘stand-offish’ and very much at arms length.

So you can imagine my amazement at a recent visit to Gumnut towers with Taz and finding them both in the same room, at the same time without the sky falling in or either really worrying about the other. The fact that both are back to back is perhaps more symbolic than reflecting anything more accurately reflecting the reality of the weekend.

Whilst it was brought on by circumstance (not relevant to this posting) it was still something I didn’t ever think I would see.

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