A very strange place to start

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

It may appear an odd place to start or post something that is clearly part of a series, but there is some method in my undoubted madness.

I was challenged the end of 2020 to recommend a couple of words a day that people may have forgotten because they have fallen out of use or missed due to their recent addition to the dictionaries.

I managed this via Facebook for 288 days before the constant sniping, bitching, moaning and general Twitterness that has spread from that platform overwhelmed me.

I suspended my account and sought sanctuary here where a few people may see it and like the linguistics. If nobody does, well I’m no worse off but have completed a challenge I had to the point of losing faith in humanity, rather enjoyed.

It’s possible I may reset Facebook and rejoin the madness but at the moment I’m feeling distinctly out of place there – well there among most other places you’d care to mention. However, the challenge continues and here are today’s two words,

Day 289 of the year of words


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