Birthdays, bugs and Balons.


Balans Restaurant Soho

The quickest of updates today as the cold from hell has me in it’s grip with no particular evidence to suggest it wants to let go any time soon.

Apart from the usual pleasure of spending some time with my partner, I had a very enjoyable afternoon at Compton’s celebrating the birthday of two friends and their 30th birthday. I couldn’t help but remember how I felt on the approach of my 30th birthday – a big zero date and a transitional one (at least in my mind) between the end of youth and the inexorable march towards middle age. Always the optimist aren’t I ?

Interestingly the transition from 30 to 40 was far less traumatic, almost unnoticed in fact. I couldn’t help but smile inwardly as the ‘birthday boy’ let slip a couple of remarks that betrayed the same thinking on his part as had been experienced in my own case. Perhaps I wasn’t experiencing anything unique after all. Do all people share the same transitional birthdays. Interestingly, at least for me even numbered birthdays always seem easier to manage than odd numbered ones. An experience I have had repeated to me by more than one other person, so maybe I’m not as weird in this regard as it would at first appear?

As both my partner and I find ourselves battling the lurgy, we settled on the belief that killing it off with alcohol was at least worth an experimental investigation. So, following a small number  of ciders we retired to Balans and discovered their rather inviting dark and stormy rum cocktails .. in fact I believe we may have discovered three. Along with a chance meeting with friends whose wedding we had attended in the summer and the lurgy was almost bearable for the evening.

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