Bye bye Brecon, Brecon bye bye

Brecon central

Interestingly, this visit has taught me two things. Firstly, I was never someone who thought I could ever imagine a time where I might be ‘tied down’ to a marriage, formal partnership, civil union – call it what you like.

Whilst I’m not looking to go out and buy a new hat this weekend, I know I could happily share my life with the right person. Whilst I’m as convinced as anyone can be that I’ve found the person who completes me, I recognise we have different views and outlooks on some areas – although surprisingly few and probably not on this aspect of gay life. An interesting realisation if nothing else.

Secondly as you can see the centre of Brecon isn’t exactly Piccadilly Circus ! I thought I was someone who could live in relative isolation and wouldn’t really struggle with ‘quiet’ environments. I was wrong ! … Brecon in beautiful and very quaint, but too far away from civilisation and the city buzz. Ironic that I live in a semi rural setting myself – but with plenty of access within 45 minutes and strong motorway and train connectivity.

Strange the things you learn about yourself when you’re not really thinking !

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