Calm down dear – it’s just a pepper !

It's still Bolognaise !!

It’s still Bolognese !!

It’s amazing how some things in life have an inbuilt ability to soothe, calm and de-stress.

Some people swear by chocolate, others in the UK, the ever present cup of tea. I’m surprised to find that one of my comfort foods is spaghetti bolognese. – Specifically the variation on a theme of Bolognese made by my better half.

Given that I had inadvertently managed to convince him I was dead over the past 24 hours (either that or just terminally disinterested) I was surprised to have a bowl of bolognese offered without finding I was wearing it.

I hate it when there is any friction of tension between us. Despite the misunderstandings of the last day, it was great to see him and find that the situation was salvageable, albeit that humble pie may be on the menu for the short term. I mentioned this and the very tasty Bolognese at which point it was rather like opening Pandora’s box to see what might happen.

Matters were overtaken when the food police swung in from all corners of the world to give definitive rulings on what could (and more importantly could not) form part of a Bolognese. So for the food pedants, here are the two issues at hand. Firstly, is it acceptable to include bell peppers in your Bolognese and secondly, should the cheese be grated, flaked or chunked. Personally I have better things to do that worry about these niceties – but I had to give a steer to those who clearly need to get out more 😉

The answer to the question (at least in my humble opinion) is that you can put nearly whatever you want in a dish of mince and pasta … For the purists spaghetti Bolognese may or may not contain bell peppers… frankly I don’t mind but the recipe Vaughan uses – which is as far as I know his variation on a theme is delicious so please cease and desist from the attacks over the addition of a pepper. If it helps, I’ll happily refer to it as Gumnut Bolognese or Bolognese a la Vaughan …. but really … does it matter ?

It reminds me of a mutual friend of ours who has a real issue with one of the reception rooms (which could have multiple uses) being turned into a third bedroom rather than a dining room – mainly because it was referred to as a dining room in the estate agent’s blurb on the house. I suppose I could suggest a middle ground … keep it as a dining room but serve him Bolognese a la Vaughan … with extra bell peppers !!

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