Day 23 in the corona house: Little shop of horrors

Day 23 in the Corona house

Over three weeks in isolation and we’ve had a day that had some set timelines and they were tighter than I thought. There are two consequences that flow from this.

The first is I ran out of time to do everything I needed to do. The things that were cut were all corona related which means I’ve had a totally virus free day today. I think I’ll have to repeat that exercise at least once more this week.

The second outcome is that this update is short pithy and to the point. It will be interesting to see who picks up on the news within which we have held off Facebook at this stage though I think it’ll hit that platform at some point in the morning – more to follow.

Tonight was the first evening we ran an experimental watch party – the film was chosen by one in the group and was you’ve guessed it, little shop of horrors. Vaughan hadn’t seen it before. I counted fives sniggers, two chuckles and one belly laugh. Plus he’s sung the main theme twice since. That’s something of a succecss. Some technical glitches, but we’ll try to iron them out before the end of the week when we try an improved service.

Until this point the little shop of horrors referred to the Payless store in the next street. Their stock is a bit limited as are their manners – it’s often a toss up as to whether you get short tempers or short changed – hence the name.

Having said that I’ve always persevered with them and just been terribly British and if there is nothing said when handing back change I just smile broadly and say ‘No, thank you.’ I think it’s had the desired result. It must have done as they now tip me off as a ‘local customer’ when they have eggs, pasta or toilet roll.

The other piece of news relate to the addition of the tenth and sixteenth letters of the alphabet to the Mem’Sahib’s monica. I couldn’t be happier and more proud of the achievement and willingness to give back to the community through this route.

It was in August 2018 that the application was submitted and around nine months later that the interview took place. (The wheels of justice are not known for their lightning speed). We were aware that an appointment had been recommended, but it took a further year until the appointment was confirmed.

So the area has a new justice of the peace once he’s been sworn in officially which may yet be another 3 months. I always told him he’d end up in Court one of the old Bailey – and as that’s where the swearing in takes place … Richard was correct.

So congratulations to V B-W J.P


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