Day 24 in the corona house: Think of the time I save.

I’m under strinct instructions from he who must be obeyed that today is just a couple of paragraphs as I’ve been up to too much and have an interview for a new job tomorrow so …

Today we’ve livestreamed chicken in pyjamas (A chicken based dish wish is deeply tasty originating mostly from Melbourne). Two large application processes kicked off and associated paperwork – a skype interview prepared for and the dog walking ration taken.

In addition to that some testing on the watch party setup means we’ve cracked most of the problems so things are looking good for the next attempt on Friday. The problem is … I don’t have any time.

As Alanis said ‘Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think.’ I had more spare time when I was working full time and not in isolation. How does that happen?


Todays post title is taken from The Pyjama game and can be heard by following this link.

Speaking of which … goodnight John boy.


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