Day 25 in the corona house: Tomorrow

Day 25 in the corona house

Today is a further holding post for completeness and to answer a few questions before normal blogging service is resumed.

I’m aware that’s a bit of a jam tomorrow promise, but it’s all I’ve had time to do today. That shows that if you put your mind to it you can keep yourself busy even in near isolation.

Of course, much of that is also due to the willingness of friends to engage in activities such as watch parties, social media exchanges at the like. Today was mostly down to replacing a non-perfomant streaming service so our virtual film club can watch tomorrow’s offering.

I also managed to attend two job interviews over Microsoft Teams which seemed to work well technically and so far as you can judge was broadly positive. Fingers crossed it might come through with an offer as it sounds both challenging and interesting. We will see.

Tomorrow’s post is forming as I type so until then …


Today’s title was taken from Annie (you have been warned) for those who like to hear them – under normal non Annie circumstances – it may be played on the control below.


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