Day 54 in the corona house:

Well, where did that fortnight go? I had a couple of messages asking if I’d stopped blogging. The answer being yes and no. Yes, because if you haven’t seen any for a while and have to ask if I’ve stopped then at the very least there has been a hiatus.

No, well the intention is to continue, but perhaps less frequently. Since starting this isolation count I’ve lost a job and found a new one. Over the past ten days that required me to do an amount of preparation and setup. Add to that dealing with a suspended building project remotely, setting myself up on the governments vulnerable persons list, catching up on admin and the time to blog went out of the window for a while.

A few people asked how many days we’ve been in quarantine – so hopefully the big 54 picture above answers that question. So just a quick report in this evening and I’ll do a catch up piece tomorrow.


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