Devolved Parliaments? – Oh grow up !


Acknowledging the fact that it will be for the Scottish people (or a sub-set of them) to decide I can’t help but be nauseated by the ‘me-too’ spin-off claims, demands and proposals arising as a result of the debate.

Today, I have heard claims from Plaid Cymru challenging the UK government to match the vow given to Scotland backing up their ambition for Welsh Independence and a Welsh Parliament. Not entirely surprising I hear you say.

However, what about the addition of demands for devolution and recognition of  Statehood for Cornwall made by (among others) Mebyon Kernow (translated as sons of Cornwall) or the recent resurgence in demands for a wholly English Parliament and devolution for the English.

If that still isn’t enough, what about demands for devolved government for Yorkshire with it’s own elected assembly or regional governance for Northumbria and the return of Newcastle to Scotland?  Still not sated with calls for self-determination on an island that would fit entirely into the Australian State of Victoria – perhaps I can assist further !

Similar calls for independence or self-governing assemblies and parliaments exist for Cumbria and East Anglia with embryonic movements elsewhere such as the Black Country and even the thoughts of the city State of London.

So I can’t help but wonder whether we will soon see a demand for a ‘Parliament’ for each of the UK counties – perhaps I should poll myself and declare Unilateral Independence on behalf of the ‘men living in Wiltshire with at least one border collie owning more black socks than red’ brigade? – Isn’t this utter madness ?

I’m certainly in favour of representative democracy and regional representation. However, the thought that in an increasingly globalised world a small offshore island already struggling with it’s relationship to Europe, the US and the Commonwealth would solve things by shattering further into pseudo-ethnic enclave States is totally Barking! .. In fact it’s beyond that … more like Dagenham.

Perhaps the baby-boomer’s children with their desire for what I want, when I want it, on my terms or not at all are struggling to deal with the concept that they can’t always have their own way all the time ?

So this seems to me to be just so-much fluff and distraction. It’s not like we don’t have enough real issues on which to focus. Do any of these groups really consider they will be taken seriously anywhere outside of the nearest out-patients department. I seriously hope not.

So get a grip on yourselves people and let’s start living in the real world. Following today’s multiple call for fractured assemblies and ‘Parliaments’ I’m finding it hard to beat Shakespeare’s words ‘ A plague on all your houses’

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