I told you I wasn’t well !

As I’ve grown older, I have learned to listen to my body and even if I can’t understand exactly what it’s saying to me, I can often pick up on the mood music. Thankfully the past few days has been a case in point.

As recent posts may have indicated, I’ve felt slightly under par for some time and wondered what if anything might be the cause for fatigue, being a little more emotional than would be the norm, feeling less patient, more forthright and generally not like myself.



After matters coming to a head in ways I won’t discuss here, the answer became clear today. After spending more time than I really wish to remember in accident and emergency I was poked, prodded and drained of not insignificant amounts of blood.

This resulted in a diagnosis of neutropenia – or put another way a very low level of white blood cells when measured in a full blood count. Thankfully, it appears to be down to an infection reducing my ability to process vitamin b9 and/0r b12. Thankfully this can be addressed and isn’t the more common or worrying causes of the condition. Nevertheless, it does make you realise things can’t have been right for a few weeks.

My partner was certainly aware of the change in my personality over a period of 2-3 weeks and thankfully, he was prepared to mention it and persevere when I didn’t really want to hear that I was being a pain and acting out of character.

My posts are likely to be less complex and shorter as I get back to what passes as normal. But for now, please bear with me – I’m more tired than anything else. I hope to return to form in the not too distant future.

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