It’s how you choose to see things


I was just thinking how average and ordinary my social life is at present when a couple of work colleagues gave me reason to reconsider.

One explained how they enjoyed ‘following my life’ via Facebook congratulating me on living life to the full. “We never know where you’ll pop up next, Berlin, Amsterdam and soon Australia – how exciting!”

Then during the course of the morning I read an email from a friend in which they commented that work today was  just administration – not adding anything meaningful to anyone.

Interestingly knowing the role they perform I couldn’t disagree more. Everyone has the odd admin focused day but their work makes a significant contribution to many people across the country. Strange they should lose sight of that.

It’s peculiar that other people’s view on your own life can sometimes be so different to your own. To quote an old Chinese proverb – We all stare at the same mountain, just from different places.


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