Pride and Self-Confidence?

An option to attend a Pride event today – I won’t mention it by name as these comments only reflect my reaction to the event and other people may have had an entirely different reaction. However, once we arrived at the main entrance to the park it was significantly underwhelming.

What looked like a below par 1970’s funfair dominated the field but certainly didn’t float my boat or that of the other half – certainly not at £20 a pop to get entry. Whilst I recognise this is what you might spend on a round of drinks in the pub, it seemed overly expensive for what was on offer and given that, I’d rather spend it for the round in the pub.

It seems that anything with Pride or Gay in the title can add 50% to the going rate. Had this simply been entry to a funfair (which is in effect what it was) the entry fee – if there had been one – would have been around £5 tops. So despite acknowledging the overheads involved in running these events the spend was very well hidden … a real disappointment. However, we did manage to get a great meal for two locally and then caught up with friends from the day in the local bars that evening. So a thoroughly enjoyable day but a slap on the back of the legs for unnecessarily over-pricing entry fees.

The unplanned absence from the pride park did allow me to have a good chat with the Boss. A recent frustration with being apparently transparent and invisible (a la Mr Cellophane above) came to a head and ‘he who must be obeyed’ was able to point out a few very helpful points.

Whilst I won’t go into the ‘solution’ for my tendency to disappear into the background and blend into the wallpaper (a skill that is sometimes very helpful in other settings) I will say I did my best to learn from the master’s advice and took a markedly different approach. Interestingly (and very annoyingly) I have to say he was correct. A change in approach made some very immediate differences – something to consider and work on from this point on.. Thanks Boss !  – Strangely I could have easily given appropriate advice to others with a similar concern but just couldn’t give myself the required options/approach to change my demeanour.

We’ll see if I can maintain it and work to be less …. invisible !

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