So who turned the lights out ?

The lights are dimming

The lights are dimming

It seems no time that I was languishing in the late summer evenings until gone 9 o’clock in the evening. Not the mid-summer heights of gone 10pm but not bad nonetheless.

Then today someone appears to have rotated the climatological dimmer switch as it’s now pitch black at seven o’clock. When did that happen exactly?

This seems to happen to me each year, a sudden creeping up of the nights drawing in leading to a sudden realisation that summer has gone and we’re now deep in autumn. What’s more the calendar countdown to my Australian visit with my better half shows around 70 days to go.

Suddenly the year is very much in it’s dog days with the downhill march to Christmas now active in my mind. Some very obvious markers remain – Halloween, Bonfire night, Remembrance Parades and then we’re in to Advent season. I’m only amazed that the retailers (at least near me) haven’t yet started playing carols and erecting trees. Still – I suppose that too is only a matter of time. Watch this space and hear the annual gnashing of teeth in relation to Saturnalia !

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