Summoned by memories

I am not sure what the word is which describes being called by a place or location. However, whatever it is, I’m suffering from it today and in fact for the past couple of weeks.

St. Ives Harbour

St. Ives Harbour

The first location calling me is a small fishing village (now a very small town) at the far south west of Cornwall. St. Ives is somewhere I have been on and off since a child. Don’t ask me what it is about the place which keeps drawing me back – I simply don’t know.

There certainly isn’t a throbbing nightlife, no parascending, banana boats or concert venues. The cinema has three screens and although the seafood is excellent there are five restaurants in total. However, the calm, tranquillity and simple beauty of the place is without question. I know I will relax and become ‘centred’ during a stay here.

The place is frankly unbearable in high season, but out of season its an oasis of calm and tranquillity where simple pleasures can be enjoyed. I haven’t been back to St. Ives for a couple of years and now I find myself wishing I could find a long weekend to enjoy the peace and the surrounding area. I wish I could introduce my partner to the place at some point – I’m sure that will happen – but as he’s more of an action animal than me he may find it just a little too tranquil at the moment.

Paris by night

Paris by night

A little further afield a second just as loud and persistent voice calls me in the opposite direction. Many people love Paris and I’m certainly no different in enjoying its food, culture, nightlife, romance and sense of place.

I particularly like the area around the 6th arr. Paris St Germain has a quality and character I simply haven’t found anywhere else. I’m sure I won’t be able to hold off the siren voices much beyond the spring. Again I would love to take ‘he who must be obeyed’ to enjoy the wonders of the city I love so much.

I’m lucky enough to visit London regularly and appreciate it as one of the world’s great cities. However, for romance and nourriture pour l’âme, I simply can’t better Paris.

So what is it I wonder that calls us to places at a given time? Perhaps just wander lust or sometimes a wish to escape from the mundane vicissitudes of life. However, for me it’s similar to a sudden craving for a particular food. I’ve learned to listen to my body in those situations – perhaps listening to these calls is no different?

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