Surprised by things you didn’t know you remembered

Isn’t it strange how some things impact on you and the rational state of your particular universe. Often, these things (at least to me) seem to be things which I was only partially aware of in the first place.

The news broke today of the death of a female singer songwriter from the 1970’s. Lyndsey de Paul was not immensely well known and wasn’t someone I particularly followed or even liked as a child. However, I do remember her singing Rock Bottom with Mike Moran in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1977. I was around 12 at the time and despite these events forming nothing more than a passing blip of recognition, the news of her death has had a significant impact on me.

Given her relatively young age (64) it isn’t perhaps surprising but it does make me wonder if I’m firing on all four cylinders at present. I often find that these rather random events gain greater significance that perhaps is due when I’m slightly off kilter.

Some people notice they don’t sleep well, others spot memory lapses or loss of appetite. I notice that I get a bit sentimental. Perhaps Rock Bottom has more significance than I had previously thought.


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