The Year of words: Day 292

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

A logophile (lover of words) challenged by a friend to introduce an old word we should use more or a new word that may have passed us by every day for a year. That was the challenge that brings you here and saw me leave Facebook.

Whether that departure is permanent or not I don’t know. I don’t have other social media accounts having binned Twitter some months before. The current thinking is that Marx may well have been correct about religion being the opiate of the masses when he wrote it (1843). However, today it’s far more likely to be that thief of time Social Media that provides the bread and circuses of the early 21st century.

I may blog about the ‘withdrawal’ from Facebook as it does have some similarities to managing an addiction, but that’s a decision for another day. In the interim, an old sense (the original sense) for a very familiar word as our forgotten offering. The first entry in the new words to originate from the dialects of the West Indies.

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