The Year of Words: Day 301

It suddenly occurred to me today that I have just 64 days remaining in this particularly devilish challenge set by my school days friend, Mike Durston.

That coincides almost to the day with the anticipated recovery time for Taz, my border collie who managed to rupture a cruciate ligament earlier this month.

It's been a long wait finding an appropriate surgeon and getting x-rays and repair options sorted. Taz goes in for the repair this coming Thursday (4th) then it's around four weeks of enforced rest (large indoor dog pen I've called AlcaTaz). I don't know how the vet kept such a straight face when suggesting this for a border collie - thing Tigger but less contained.

He's going to hate the confinement but it has to be done if he's to regain use of his leg. The good news is there should be a full recovery albeit a challenging ride until Christmas.

Two words today, an interesting archaic and a surprising addition in 2020 with ish making it there in its own right rather than just a modifier or suffix.


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