The Year of Words: Day 304 The Border Collie of AlcaTaz

First the easy bit, two words to continue the year of words challenge issued by a school friend in the early days of this year.

It's been suggested that yare (movement in a ship) may relate in some way or have contributed to the choice of yaw for lateral movement in an aircraft. I would love to think there is a root from jets back to sailing ships, but so far I've been unable to confirm that suggestion.

As to anchor baby - we've had some words or terms that have brought a smile or a wince 0n encountering them. This is far nearer the second for me, not the most pleasant of recent additions.

On the home front, Taz is (as I told him this morning) just two sleeps away from his hoperation and hopefully the beginning of a lengthy recovery from a ruptured cruciate ligament.

Tomorrow mid-morning is the pre-op check and then it's the operation on Thursday morning.

I'm preparing for post op recovery with the BC recuperation suite complete with blanketted walls and a deep duvet for the softest of recoveries.

I'm reliably informed by my spirit guide Madam Choulet that its known as AlcaTaz by a certain border collie of this parish. He's giving it a very hard stare from a suitably safe distance.

There is a similar setup in the bedroom, so although he'll not be the happiest of bunnies, it will allow his leg to heal, Visits to the garden for necessary snifaris and toilet breaks will be on the lead and no important barking. It does mean he can transfer to the bedroom overnight which is a blessing as I didn't fancy the sofa for four weeks.

Friends have been very supportive. My two-seater car is good for many things, but transporting a post-operative dog wearing a cone of shame isn't one of them.

Mike (he of the year of words) has offered to help with post op transport home as did Karen from Chippenham, Clearly Taz is loved further afield than the Acreage.

One hint I'm hoping will work out is a buster collar rather than a cone of shame. Most dogs hate recovery cones and they tend to be so large and unwieldy for middling and bigger dogs that a suitable alternative would be very welcome.

I've gradually been getting Taz used to wearing it, initially uninflated but gradually with more air and so far so problem-free. We'll see what the latter parts of this week bring but if this works well it will be a Godsent.

I've taken the rest of the week off and have already been taken aback by the good wishes for the temporarily under-par border collie. Hopefully he'll be back to himself for 2022.


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