The Year of words: Day 306: The Hoperation

Two further words of the day in what is now the final twenty percent of the devilishly demanding challenge set by Mike Durston.

I must admit, when in my most Edwardian frame of mind I have been known to sally forth abroad just because.

The new word raises a smirk rather than a smile. Portmanteau words (those made by combining others) can be some of my favourite words when they work well. However, for me I'm still unclear how incompossible differs from incompatible, one of its component parts and for that reason, it fails for me.

A 'pre-med' Taz

In other news, today is the day I've saved odd jobs to keep me occupied. It's the day Taz went in for his cruciate ligament repair and he should be coming to the end of the procedure within the next hour or so.

It's not an insignificant operation especially on a dog of ten (admitting to six on walks) requiring some time under general anaesthetic.

For that reason, I've chosen to keep myself occupied rather than watch the clock.

I dropped him off at the vets into the care of the visiting orthopaedic surgeon (George) who will undertake the repair.

Taz who arrived having had some pre-op medication was quite chilled about the whole affair. I must make a note to keep them away from Vaughan.

As any dog owner will know, the thing that hit me returning home was the emptiness of the house and the absence of check-in. Fingers crossed all goes well and the repair returns the majority of his movement in the injured leg.

08.45 - Dropped off one relaxed Border Collie with the vet. Fingers well and truly crossed. 11.00 - Kicked off blog posts, did all my outstanding admin and did the laundry to keep busy 12.00 - No update though plenty of good wishes. One last cut of the lawns I think. 13.00 -Two biggest areas cut, still no word on progress which is a tad unnerving. The lower two lawns are more swampy than usual so that's all the mulch creation for today folks. 14.40 - The surgeon confirms Taz is out of his operation and starting to come around although he's very groggy. That's a huge sense of relief and a slight sense of foreboding as I can guess how tough the next couple of weeks will be on both of us.

At times such as this you realise how impractical a car such as mine is. Two seats and a dog bench is great 95% of the time, but this isn't 95% of the time. Thankfully, Mike, one of my longest held friends (as opposed to one of my oldest friends as he's merely getting into his stride) helped out with a car with a back seat.

The reason for the late post of yesterday's word is the pot operative settling and initial settling in to an environment Taz doesn't exactly relish. Let's hope we can help with his healing process


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