The Year of Words - Day 309 A Recycling Theme

I suppose in some senses, the year of words has a recycling theme, or at the very least reusing. If I were to encourage you to reuse today's archaic word be sure to know whether you're using it in its Scottish or Australian sense. Inadvertent mixing may result in unexpected consequences.

The modern offering makes me smirk as it's so very bad it's good. Though I can't think of anyone using it in a sentence in normal speech any time soon. (Do tell me if I'm wrong).

No walks for the forseeable

For those who have been asking for a Taz update, he's still a prisoner of AlcaTaz but has settled in to the new routine pretty well.

The big challenge is keeping a border collie inactive for over a month. At present he's not allowed to walk, do stairs, slippery floors or play/run.

In Taz's case it's not so much recycling as reusing his leg and re-learning how to walk on it. The surgical recovery regime for the first two weeks is crate or pen rest with three two minutes walks on the lead in the garden each day.

Though that sounds restrictive (and it is) it does seem to be having the desired outcome. He's sleeping a lot and today saw something of a breakthrough in his recovery.

This afternoon's two minute sniffari was punctuated with two brief periods of five steps with both rear legs. So, three days after having had a plate and hoop fitted to his leg and a wedge bone resection performed, he's peg-legging for four or five steps. He's back in his pen at present but it looks as though we're making the first small steps towards more normal walking. Fingers well and truly crossed that it continues.

Activist Greta Thunberg

Now I don't know about you, but I am not keen on letting the atmosphere burn away and seeing temperatures continuing to rise as cljmate change progresses. However, I'm not certain whether that's as bad as being constantly Thunberged. Until around 2013 I was unaware of Greta, a state of affairs I could happily return to forthwith.

It isn't that I disagree with the aim of halting the progress of climate change, but what was once precocious shock-tactics has just grown into moany moany the one trick pony.

Of course, I suspect others have helped shape Ms Thunberg into the activist she is today (as an aside I can hear my mother asking - "Activist? - But what's her proper job?") but I digress.

It's not that I dislike the young lady, but other than moaning as constant as the northern star, I've never heard one practical suggestion of what to do or what her solution is to fix the problem.

She seems to embody the features of a particularly annoying car alarm, you can't shut it up but it's doing nothing at all to prevent the theft. In fact it becomes background noise to be normalised as part of the urban sound tapestry.

In contrast, I have friends and family who have and continue to take small steps to reduce their carbon footprint, reduce over production and boost local and seasonal sustainable living. Strange nobody has flown Helen Asprey, Mike Durston or me around the world to talk about it but that's just the way the cookie crumbled I suppose.

Refillable washing detergent from the farm.

Last month I reviewed the insulation we have in the house (no superglue was involved) and revisited the energy saving light bulbs at the Acreage. Many were no longer energy saving by today's standards so were replaced. Many items were not allowed to run on stand-by and some were switched off entirely when not in use. A rough calculation shows that alone will save around £200 per year.

The friends I quoted have like me switched back to locally produced bottled milk in glass. That (in my case) resulted in around 300 fewer plastic bottles leaving the Acreage for recycling and is something the supermarkets could do to reduce plastics in the environment. It would also stop further journalists finding localshire council's plastic recycling floating in a river in Malaysia.

The same chaps and chapesses at the local milk farm have also partnered to provide locally made laundry liquid which is produced ten miles away and delivered along with the morning milk.

While this is in plastic the bottle can be put out with the milk and it's taken away to be refilled which is far better than buying another disposable bottle or packet. When the bottles wear out they go to make road surface repair materials for pot holes and the like. The question was however, is it any good at washing clothes?

I am able to report the findings of the Acreage jury. It rather freaks my head out as just 15ml from this litre bottle is alleged to be sufficient. You don't get lots of suds but you do get clean and fresh laundry. What's more that makes it less than half the price of the big commercial brands with less environmentally damaging content, no microplastic release and fully recyclable packaging. There's some positive changes for October.

The final piece of recycling was a bit of Peter Kaye stand-up that jumped out at me while listening to Absolute 80's radio this morning.

They were playing Drive by The Cars when one of his allegedly misheard lyrics jumped out at me. Once heard, you just can't hear anything else. I will leave you to be the judge.

At roughly 60 seconds into this song they appear to be singing 'Can't go on, thnking nothing's wrong - pork pie - who's going to drive you home tonight?'

Well it made me laugh and had me singing Duffy's 'begging me for birdseed' within no time. Give it a play and hear for yourself .. See a recycled chuckle.


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