The Year of Words - Day 310

Welcome to stressful towers and day 310 of the year or words.

Today's archaic is worthy of note as it's one of the few examples (in the opinion of some lexicographers) of gender within the English language. Both acedia and accidie have the same meaning. The difference is thought to originate in the middle French forms, one masculine one feminine.

A day of some not inconsiderable stress today. The good news is Taz is starting to put some weight on his repaired knee. The less enjoyable aspect is the day three review at the vets which (quite understandably) Taz is now wary to attend. Still. I'm certain they have had similar situations in the past. It's a trip I'll be pleased to have completed.

Vaughan is suffering from workplace related stress and anxiety that spiked significantly over the weekend after calling his employee support team who seemed to be clueless with the assistance bit.

Add to that it's my return to work after leave while trying to keep those and other plates spinning and you can see why I might be playing on a slightly more tightly strung drum than usual. Enjoy the words.


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