The Year of Words - Day 313 Madame Butterfly

A quick post after our one evening out this side of Christmas.

Huge thanks to Mike Durston who dog-sat Taz this evening while we made a quick dash to Oxford and back to watch Welsh National Opera's Madame Butterfly.

We won't be making OMD on Saturday thought thankfully Andrew was able to get two takers for out tickets. As Taz can't really be left London is very different at present to Oxford which is just 40 minutes or so and can be done as an evening trip.

Because we had to cancel the holiday and we're Acreage based while Taz recovers, this evening was disproportionately special and we both can't thank Mike enough for looking after Taz tonight.

More details tomorrow but for this evening no time sucks and certainly no nidorosity thank you very much. ;-)


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