The Year of Words: Day 318 - Metro, Bobo, Dodo

Today's archaic word is a particular beauty, I'd quite fancy ordering a homerkin of cider. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the places I've been known to frequent would still serve Georgian measures - perhaps worth a try.

As a Francophile. I have always liked the French description of the daily grind of commute, work, sleep rinse and repeat. Typically, the French has a nicer sound being metro, bobo, dodo.

Not quite sibling rivalry ... but

Vaughan returned from Gumnut towers noting my time is being dominated by Taz care at present.

Taz noted his return and based on the mini-sulk is clearly of a similar but opposite view.

In fact, I'm trying my utmost to support both through tricky times for both of them. It's odd how both clearly feel the other is gaining the larger half of fhe available pie. I'm taking it to mean that both are still occasionally more Mr Grumpy-knickers than is usual. As both have a similar concern I'm taking it to mean my care is being distributed roughly evenly and I'm not doing too bad a job with two particularly demanding patients. I'm oscillating somewhere between Nurse Gladys Emmanuelle and Mildred Ratched. Stay tuned, dear reader to see which wins out.

I think I sympathise

It's very easy to go straight from the work day (which is in two weeks of heavy demand) into dinner, 'nursing', feeding, walking and the domestic chores into sleeping before repeating the next day.

I'm rationing time and being a little bit selfish in taking some time out to recharge my own batteries and generally keep sane. A friend (Cathal) told me that looking after a dog with a cruciate ligament and managing a home and partner was demanding. It's certainly worth it, but he wasn't wrong.

A couple of those things found me doing odd jobs around the house. The front garden border is being prepared for refreshed spring bulbs being planted this week. (Before anyone tells me I'm too late - they've got two chances and it's fresh air).

Four amaryllis or is it Amarylli ?

We also have some Christmas and New Year colour planned - starters orders are in place. The riders are: Apple Blossom Black Pearl

Naughty Girl Adele

Your bets just for the hell of it may be placed now for which will flower first. (Before you ask reds, oranges and a green white).

As none of these are 'lellow' which is Vaughan's favourite colour we have a few 'lellow' bulbs for spring colour indoors arriving tomorrow. Vaughan can pot those up, He doesn't know that yet, but it can come as a surprise pleasant or unpleasant as the case may be. I'm calling it gardening therapy.

I also put up a pot pans and utensil pole in the kitchen so we now have some spave freed up and consequently room to store the muffin and cake tins packed away. - Oh muffins. Maybe tomorrow.


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