The Year of Words: Day 321 and 'Dusty Bin' nowhere to be seen.

As the Wanborough Wordsmith (a nomenclature dished out to me by my longest standing school friend, Mike Durston) I'm certain that today is brought to us by the word serendipity.

Yorkshire TV's 3,2,1 with Ted Rogers and Dusty Bin

Too well known (meaning happy coincidence) to be an archaic word choice is has nonetheless been strongly present today. This morning I was listening to Scala Radio when the name Ted Rogers came up in conversation. Not the Ted Rogers shown here but a Ted Rogers. So far so straight forward, but it got me thinking about his prime time TV show. The theme tune has been an ear-worm for me all day since.

It was only when I started to put together today's words that I realised it was day 321. As a former redcoat, I'm pretty sure Mr Rogers would have appreciated the smile that realisation created. Perhaps the longest he'd ever have had to wait for a punchline. I also shocked myself when realising that the game show concerned went off the air more than thirty three years ago.

"Autumn, season of mist and solennial pizzle?"

Then turning to the words themselves, they happen to fall in autumn and happen to land on the same day and happen to flow beautifully. If any month is going to be associated with solennial pizzle I think it's November.. Serendipity indeed.

Dune 2021

The Mem'Sahib and I also sallied forth to the local moving picture house.

The best of a poor choice of eateries was Frankie and Bennies which we favoured with out custom.

I walked in through the Christmas decorations. baubles and tinsel.

The waitress checked the booked and started to show us to our table. 'Oh, any allergies?' she asked.

"Christmas trees up in November" I replied. Sorry, couldn't resist.

Our choice of viewing on the silver screen was Dune, Short review - It'll be nice when it's finished.

Slightly longer review may follow tomorrow. Certainly worth seeing. It's ironic that a novel pre-dating Star Wars feels quite so Star Warsy. It's clear how the novel influenced George Lucas and equally clear how Star Wars (and a bit of Avatar and Highlander) influenced this version. I'm certainly glad to have seen it and I'll leave any further comment for 24 hours to let thoughts pickle a little.

That was Friday, a late post but so far 321 days down and just forty four left to complete the year of words.


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