The Year of Words: Day 322 - The long road to spring.

The past couple of weekends, I felt like I achieved very little in the great scheme of things. Taz has needed so much pretty constant attention that time to do much else was strictly limited.

The doors on AlcaTaz remain closed

I'm pleased to say that progress for the patient has been very good so far. Even the vet was surprised at how his walking had returned to four legs just ten days after his knee replacement.

That means that although he's not happy with confinement in AlcaTaz, he's bright enough to realise its for his own good so when we're busy, he's where he can be contained so he's not up and down following me from room to room.

One such time was this morning when I got around to digging out the old front border and replacing the now blind daffodils with a better selection of fresh bulbs,

It took a fair amount of effort and clearing of the old blind bulbs. (Not blind through disease just longevity. They had been there for 50 years I know about). A random scatter and plant technique was employed.

Now we have a wheelbarrow with fifty crocus planted in five rows of ten, so hopefully a quirky and striking royal blue display in the spring. As to the border we have a selection of tulips, (traditional and rag), crocus, snowdrops and pixie iris. It was a lot of work but I'm looking forward to some much needed spring colour in a few months time. You'll get a picture when that happens.

Speaking of things to look forward to here's another. We (the six mouskateers) will be visiting St Martin's theatre in the spring to see the world's longest running production -Mousetrap.

A recent suggestion for a group of us to go to the theatre resulted in us discovering the Mousetrap was on everybody's to see list.

I managed to get some ex-lovie seats, so we'll be trying to solve the whodunnit from very pleasant seats in the circle.

We're looking forward to spending an evening with Lois, Mike, Colin and Krystyna and a return to the West End. As we're also only a month away from the longest night things will soon be on the run up to spring.

On that rather optimistic thought I'll keep this to a short post. Tomorrow, the promised review of Dune and whatever the coming day has in store.


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