The Year of Words: Day 326 - muppets and mellow thoughtlessness

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

Today's archaic is quite an interesting development and is one of the rare instances where a word get abbreviated with a left sided truncation. So mix is the common derivative of immix of which it was briefly an abbreviation.

Just over a month to go in the year of words challenge and the end is in sight. I'm now determined to finish the challenge (thanks Mike).

Taz with the operation site growing back

Some of that determination was needed today when a DPD driver rang on the doorbell and hammered on the door (on the do not knock or ring bell sign). This was so noisy and fierce that it set off Taz who was jumping around (albeit in a pen). After three weeks of good progress we had a held leg again - Thanks very much DPD indeed the season of fruit-loops and mellow thoughtlessness. My cousin Maureen tells me the situation is similar in Canada. Her theory is people have gone all Egyptian on us and only respond to pictograms. She may have a point.

Two hours as an emergency vet visit later (thankfully work were very understanding) and one sedated and manipulated border collie later and we hope we have a minor set back. For one reason or another Taz was nearly immobile in the car. I'm getting good at handling him solo but today that extended to helping with the procedure (trust required). Not my favourite day and on a day that already had it's challenges this was unwelcome.

Taz is still largely out of it and resting on meds. Slowly getting more alert just in time for my sleep which I suspect isn't going to be the best. I think I'll be pleased to see the back of this week.

Thankfully, as always, you only need to look out of the window to realise despite all that the Acreage is still a very special place. It isn't quite the first day of Christmas, but here are eight partridges in the garden (four front and a different four back). They stayed in the unpatrolled space for a good three hours today.

And before anyone asks, the tree in the foreground was a pear tree until last year. It's now the supported framework for Cyclamen Jingle Bells that should flower some time around Saturnalia.

I know i'm lucky to have such variety and regular visitors in a decent sized garden. Something to bring a smile to the day.


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