The Year of Words: Day 328 - Quinquagenary amazements

Today's words breaks new ground. Not in revealing that bomb was originally an abbreviation of something that buzzed or fizzed. Nor, because the new offering is only a candidate offering. The new ground broken is that mantrum is currently only shown in the slang or urban dictionaries. Mantrum was just sooo good, I had to include it once it hit the candidate lists.

Today we also have two entries into the quinquagenary hall of amazements one from the world of cinema and one for the Brits in a 'musical' category.

Gene Wilder as Willie Wonker (1971)

The film could have been so many, What's Up Doc with Barbara Streisand, Ryan O'Neill and Madeline Kahn, Dirty Harry, The French Connection or A Clockwork Orange.

However, the one winning through is more chocolate orange than clockwork. Fifty years ago Willie Wonker was sorting out the good eggs and Glooping up his plumbing in the process. Although Mr Depp did an equally quirky interpretation, for me it has to be Gene Wilder. For those who are wondering (and weren't feeling ancient enough

Peter Ostrum

already, may I introduce you to Peter Ostrum a vet from New York. A rather good vet from New York who is due to retire next year when he reaches his sixty-fifth birthday.

The introduction isn't as random as it may appear. Although Peter has been a vet since 1984 and has since gained his Phd in aspects of veterinary medicine, he did have an earlier career.

It was successful but short. Prior to his college education Peter had one outing as a child actor where he played Charlie Bucket. - So. next year, Charlie Bucket will be drawing his pension.

Turning from cinema to music for the second entry. - Well I use music in its broadest sense. However, in just over week it will be fifty years since a most unusual form of transport made it's way into the UK singles charts.

What could it be? I hear you think. Maybe a bicycle or a pair of brand new roller skates? Perhaps a combine harvester? Nice tries, but on this occasion no.

This entry marks the arrival of a fellow west countryman called Earnest. Until a stale pork pie hit caught him in the eye he drove .... the fastest milk cart in the west. Enjoy.


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