The Year of Words: Day 330 - Nothing new under the sun

Today's archaic word surprised me when I found it mentioned (and referenced) in Whittakers and Merriman Websters dictionaries.

If anything it sounds like the sort of word Miranda Hart would use, chiding someone not to be such a grumbletonian. It certainly sounds modern, contrived and something of a nonsense word.

Imagine my surprise when I found it was one of our older words dating back to the early 1600s. At that time it meant those who moan and grumble at outcomes and political decisions with which they disagree. It's probably just as well I wasn't aware of this word during the european debates of the late twenty teens.

However, this referred to a 17th century English political party and their followers who grumbled repeatedly.

It was subsequently extended to mean those who grumble and moan by default and any opposition party. - Positively delicious.

I clav divs

In other news, I'm continuing Vaughan's education of British television of the past with a new series.

For reasons I need not bother the class with today, the series (I Claudius) is one I always associate with a school friend I haven't seen for nearly forty years.

The good news is Vaughan is quite enjoying the poisonous Livia and I can't wait to see his reaction to Caligula.

John Hurt, Brian Blessed, Sian Phillips, Derek Jacobi and a cast of every rising star of the late seventies.

I haven't seen it for about twenty years and it amazes me the quality of the cast and how well it stands up to the test of time.

I had forgotten quite how long each episode runs so we should surface later this evening.


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