The Year of Words: Day 333 - White rabbits

A quick couple of words today as I have not stopped all day. A quick idea of the typical day Some time between 7 and 7,30, get up, dog walk on lead in the garden, administer morning dog medication, check on patient two, mad hoovering, breakfast, secondary dog medication, start work. Break at lunchtime to walk Taz in the garden for his lunchtime walk, kitchen and dishes, make sure patient two has lunch and goes for a walk or puts trousers on or goes to the gym. A few chores over lunchtime then work for the afternoon as it's busy in that space at present. Finish work, walk Taz for the afternoon (2 minutes garden on the lead) and water/feed him. Admin, sort out Christmas stuff, then washing, recycling and hopefully sit down around 6.30 - Am I looking forward to the Christmas break.


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