The Year of Words: Day 339 - I kinda hate to ask it, but who would send a basket?

I'm pleased to report that yesterday's reference to On White Horses was well received. Although three people have told me I passed on an instant ear-worm for the day. I hope it's subdued sufficiently by this evening.

A very unexpected surprise

Today has been a day we received an unexpected cornucopia of loveliness.

Delivery driver helpfully followed instructions and delivered a large and unexpected box to the side door.

Nothing to say who it was from so we opened it to find a really sturdy and useable wicker basket with chocolates. biscuits, shortbread, a Christmas pudding, mints and mince pies among other things.

We were rather puzzled at the Acreage until we found a self adhesive greeting label was included in the address label.

This solved the mystery but surprised me all the more. It had been sent to me by the senior management team at work, thanking me for my hard work and wishing us a Happy Christmas. Given that I only started with them in August, it's fair to say my gob was well and truly smacked.

Before anyone asks the basket is already taken. It's going to be redeployed to the Acreage kitchen once it's been emptied. Judging by the look the mince pies were getting from the Mem'Sahib that may not be too long. It seems my employer really do value their staff.

In other news, Vaughan went to have his booster vaccine and it's had a rather unusual outcome.

To be fair, I had something similar with the two AstraZeneca injections. Mine felt like half a bottle of very good rum. Vaughan didn't have quite such a strong reaction but I think it may equate to a double. Tas was giving him a very sideways look.


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