The Year of Words: Day 340 - The day of the great poonami.

Two distinctly above average offerings in today's words.

This morning started early as for reasons best known to the Mem'Sahib, a delivery of groceries was made at 7.10 this morning.

Thank you so much Taz

More unwelcome and for reasons I'm sure you'll understand briefly, we also had a doggy disaster at much the same time.

The vet did warn me that it's to be expected with this type of surgery and forced rest over such a long time,.

This was only the second such instance over a month, but today will henceforth be known at the Acreage as the day of the great poonami.

I will leave to your imagination the scenes of mayhem between 7 and 7.15 this morning. However vivid your imagination, believe me it was worse.

I have to say Taz is entirely blameless given the surgery he's had and the restriction on his liberty and length of walks. Nonetheless, he's clearly been mortified and feeling guilty all day.

Amaryllis Black Pearl

In other news, we have some buds promising some Christmas and New Year colour.

In this picture the black pearl amaryllis is growing like a triffid. Those with eagle eyes will notice a second bud just emerging from the bulb.

In this case, I believe black is very dark red so that should brighten up the Christmas week.

The cyclamen behind it is one my mum had for about twenty years. They can be notoriously difficult to keep but I've managed to keep it going for another nine so far. It should be flowering in a week or so. Those who told me it was dead three years ago - you were wrong.

In addition to these, we have three other Amaryllis although they're only just poking a bud tip out of the bulb. As Vaughan tends to struggle with the winter months and is a fan of the colour lellow, there are four vivid yellow hyacinths that should follow on in January and February. For those who also struggle with the darker days of winter, take heart, just two more weeks and the days start getting longer again.


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