The Year of Words: Day 342 - Le baba de l'Acreage.

Ground control to Major Mike, we have task completion minus 22. For everyone else, welcome to day 342 of the Year of Words.

Show me the receipts

If you're unfortunate enough to know one of those doubting Thomas types, the ones who say 'Photos or it didn't happen' then today's new word is for you.

What they're asking for in modern parlance is the receipts for the event in question.

The archaic has an interesting history. Pronounced wine-o-feel-ear this originally meant to be steaming drunk. However, in the Georgian period with the fashion for cod-L:atin and the increase in the popularity of wine in England, the sense changed.

Now if used at all, it describes what the Mem'Sahib might describe as the plum and sesame with a hint of pretentious bollocks brigade. In less vulgar terms, it refers to the lovers of wine to the extent that they could be described as snooty connoisseurs. We know a couple of serious wine enthusiasts but no snooty connoisseurs.

First proving underway

The bakerage is tackling a new experimental item for its range of baked goods today. A bit of a challenge with a first attempt at a home made rum baba.

At the time of typing, the first prove is underway with another fifty minutes to go.

I don't know how successful it's going to be but working on the basis that a watched pot never boils, I've stopped checking and will rely on crossed fingers, It should double in size though yeast can be quite temperamental,. so let's see what the end result is a little later.

If that works the next challenge is choux pastry and if I can crack those two then I'll have plenty to keep me occupied for the next few months. I think I must have been inspired by finally watching the final of this year's Great British Bake Off last night. A few items in the pantheon of cakes and pastries that appeared there will be some of my challenges for the coming year I think. We may have a tea-party to enjoy a few of them.

A rather large baba waiting for dressing

The good news is the proving was a success and although it needed a little longer than the recipe suggested. That's probably due to the bundt tin rather than four small moulds suggested. In any event, the outcome is one I'll happily accept.

The rum syrup will be aoolied later along with whipped cream in the central cavity. The whole shabang will be topped off with soime raspberries and/or blackberries soaked in a suitable baby bottle of booze., I'll let you know how the finished product turns out. If you look closely, you can see the steam rising from the turned out baba.


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