The Year of Words: Day 344 - Just one more week.

Just three weeks to go with the year of words and I can see the end is in sight. It's been a significant challenge but also a pleasure to uncover some great rare and archaic words.

Today's archaic offering (it's actually rare rather than archaic) is one of those words that its disappointing to see. I still use it fairly frequently although I accept my vocabulary and interest in words is not the norm these days.

Home made mince pies

The Bakerage has been active again today with Acreage mincemeat and an initial dozen mince pies being produced.

A combination of Jamie and Delia's mincemeat recipe and my mum's shortcrust pastry - we'll see how that works out.

I have to say, I'm counting the days until I can enjoy an extended Christmas break (there are ten for me),

It's been a challenging and demanding couple of months and I know I'm pretty much worn down physically, so this last full week is the last push to get me there.

We have (Covid omicron permitting) a masked excursion to see the new West Side Story at Greenbridge on Wednesday. Then a whisky toasts event on Thursday for which Mike Durston will join us care of Sue's taxi service (she hates whisky so no great loss from her perspective). Hopefully, that will help break the week up and then it's just a couple of working days before I can batton down the Saturnalian hatches.

For those asking for an update on Taz he's doing pretty well with some reduction in the time in AlcaTaz (we let him out in the evening post work, callers etc). His x-rays are on 23rd December and subject to the leg having healed well, he can start building up his walking and we can dismantle Alcataz. Fingers are well and truly crossed.

The test batch of mean spies

Late news just in from the Bakerage, having tested one of the test batch I can confirm that these worked well.

The Mem'Sahib has declared them to be "very acceptable" so I'll take that as a success and may well whip up a second batch to use up the remaining mincemeat.

I don't think there will be much problem in getting through them given visiting neighbours and the appetite of the mystery house mouse.

Just a light dusting of icing sugar needed as everything looks better with a light dusting of icing sugar. That reminds me - where is the mulled cider?


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