The Year of Words: Day 348 Whoops, whisky...

A couple of not half bad words for today's offerings. I haven't heard anyone use airplane mode in this sense, though I may work it into a conversation to see how it's received.

An online whisky tasting

For those waiting for the West Side Story review. I'm afraid you'll have to wait a tad longer though I'm working on it.

I took part in a Whisky Toasts online tasting with the Mem'Sahib this evening. I have to say we both thoroughly enjoyed it and I learned a fair bit about the aqua vita.

Six samples shared between the two of us, but some were overproof so today's post is short and sweet. I hope that my sensibilities will have returned to normal tomorrow and I can post the review then.

In other news, the omicron variant seems to be taking hold in the UK with 89,000 new Covid cases within the last 24 hours here. With a wave of hospitalisations anticipated over the next few weeks, we'll see how the next couple of weeks pan out. Speaking personally, I'm hunkering down until the other side of Christmas.


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