The Year of Words: Day 352 - Christmas wrapping

Two words as we enter the last two weeks of the year of words.

The wrapping referenced in the today's title relates to the last minute wrapping up of tasks before the world descends into Saturnalian purdah for a couple of weeks. That's mostly what I've been occupied with today. As a result, it's just a quick hit and run from me this evening.

In case you're in need of a giggle (everyone in the world except my friend Andrew from Loughborough - he doesn't giggle) or pedantry (Andrew in Loughborough) here's something overheard on radio 4 earlier today.

A reporter asked about the new anti-retroviral medications being offered in the UK to protect the most vulnerable from Covid.

The reply from one of the team introducing the medications said 'at present these are only being considered for a group of very small patients' - don't you just love word order?


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