The Year of Words: Day 353 - Hogmanay is cancelled

I'm sure many people have experienced that Blursday feeling at some point over the last two years. A fair few might also be fairly iracund as a result. - Two offerings for today that seem pretty relevant to the pandemic..

Coronavirus Omicron variant

Speaking of which, the omicron variant of Coronavirus is becoming the dominant in London and growing elsewhere in the UK.

Today saw a further 91,000 cases in a population where over 85% are double vaccinated and nearly 20 million have received their booster or third dose.

The available evidence is not quite rich enough yet to know if infection rates have hit a plateau or just the capacity of the testing facilities. What is clear(ish) is there will be something passing for Christmas this year. although all bets are off for the early part of the New Year,

Hogmanay 2021 won't see this

A sign of how seriously events are being taken is the cancellation today of this year's official Hogmanay celebrations in Scotland. It's no exaggeration to say Hogmanay (New Year) is more significant and important to many Scots that Christmas. To move to cancelling it a week before the event is a demonstration of how high some perceive the risk presented by the omicron version of Coronavirus to be. We have a couple of events (not least of which is something planned for New Year's Eve) scheduled for the next three weeks, Let's keep fingers crossed but they have to be 50-50 at best at the moment.

Regular readers will know that the Mem'Sahib and I took part in a remote (zoom) whisky tasting last week.

Following on from that we kept up two recent traditions in this part of the Shire. These were unexpected gifts and booze landing at the Acreage.

One of the attendees noted one of my surprise likes was an Arran single malt matured in a Sauterne cask

Today's surprise was the arrival of a bottle of said whisky which was an incredibly kind thought.

The strange thing is neither Vaughan or I count ourselves as whisky drinkers, though we did both thoroughly enjoy the tasting evening. Still, it's something nice to have to hand for the occasional wee dram.

The donor has asked not to be identified (probably because everyone would want one) but this came from his/her personal stock as this particular bottle is currently unavailable. Your generosity is much appreciated and we'll introduce you to a rum by means of recompense.


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