The Year of Words: Day 358 - A journey through naffness

As regular readers will be aware we went out to eat on Christmas Day with neighbours and friends Charlotte and Cyril. So the goose we were planning to be having yesterday is now resting in the kitchen as today becomes our second Christmas celebration meal.

With that in mind, today's archaic word is particularly appropriate and applies equally to meals yesterday and today.

An example of meanings evolving

Today's new word is a wonderful example of generational evolution of words.

They tend to focus around superlatives (think, great, ace, wicked, phat) whether positive or negative.

Today's example is cited as the revenge of Generation Z at the perceived poor taste of the millennial generation, but similar words to describe poor taste have been added regularly over recent years.

The example below shows the synonyms for tasteless mistakes as seen by the OED for each of the post war generations. Cheugy, is just the most recent in that list of evolving meanings.



Summarised As


The Baby Boomers


Children of the war Generation


Generation X

1965 - 1980


Generation Y

1981 -1995

The Millennials


Generation Z

1996 - 2012

The woke Generation


Generation Alpha

2013 -



Shortish and sweetish at the moment as I'm surprised to find myself surprised at the anticlimactical nature of Christmas. Week after week of build up then blink and it's over. - Still only 364 sleeps. I should know better.


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