The Year of Words: Day 363 snow-broth in St. Olaf

The antipenultimate offering for the Year of Words shows we're ending in style with a beautifully poetic medieval word for slush. I don't know about you but I'm never using slush again.

The new offering is the result of an in-joke within The Simpsons writing team. Looking for a genuine sounding nonsense word, they landed on cromulent. It appeared several times in the script before being queried. The script writers coined it to mean fine or acceptable. So convincing and pleasing was it as a word that it immediately made it into the urban dictionary and is a candidate word for inclusion in the 2022 Merriman-Websters publication.

Betty White

Sad news today when I heqrd that the legendary Betty White died this morning just a few days short of her 100th birthday.

I don't know about you, but between them, Sophia Petrillo, Dorothy Zborbak, Blanche Elizabeth Devereau and Rose Nylund were responsible for the majority of my laughs in parts of the 1980s.

Betty White played Rose, the dizzy, homely and somewhat naïve former resident of St Olaf. Some of the longest laughs were as a result of Betty White's exquisite timing, dead pan delivery and double, triple or even quadruple takes. Now the last of the Golden Girls has gone, it does draw a firm line under the comedies of my twenties. I'm only grateful for the DVD collections of this and other series in which she and the others gave such outstanding performances. I'll keep things short as given it's New Years Eve nobody is going to be about to read anything until late tomorrow and as a day it's always a bit of a downward force. For those who need a chuckle on New Year's Eve here's one care of Betty White.

For those who celebrate the turning of another year I hope you have a good 2022.


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