The Year of Words: Day 365 - Challenge Completed.

The three hundred and sixty-fifth post in this series and if anyone still read them I'd hear a collective sigh of relief I'm certain.

That said, it was always a personal challenge and overall, one I've enjoyed. There have been some wonderful archaic words we should never have stopped using in my opinion. The good news is I haven't and will be adding twitterlight to the cannon forthwith.

There have also been a few oh really moments - grrlz springs to mind despite my efforts to block it out. In the main, it's shown me that I love words, the use of language and how it continues to develop. I'm also a great fan of a purposeful portmanteau and those abandoned archaics.

A minority interest

I've also learned in the last twelve months that a logophile is an increasingly rare beast and I'm very much in a minority grouping.

The move to this blog was primarily to complete the challenge having grown rather tired of the world of social media and withdrawn from Facebook (other than a placeholder profile) and the inhumanity that is modern Twitter.

Whether the blog continues will largely depend on whether I continue to feel decreasingly connected with the things most people think important.

I have never had large numbers of friends and most of those I did have I lost in the late eighties and early nineties. I have no interest in celebrity gossip, simplistic yah-boo politics or the various wars (gender, class, race etc). I lament the simplistic and unthinking tyranny of cancel culture. So whether there is any purpose in these irregular jottings is an open question.

In any event, the year of words challenge has been undertaken and completed. I hope if you followed any of it here or elsewhere you found one or two examples of a wonderful language to enjoy.


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