Things that make you go Hmmm …


Today was the first time I can recall the Boss being unwell. Nothing lasting and of particular significance, but two things struck me about it. Firstly the fact that the Boss felt confident enough to let me know he was feeling a bit under the weather and struggling with it a little. May sound strange to some of you unfamiliar with the type of relationship we’re in but it was important for me.

Secondly, I recognised that I wanted to look after him – make sure he was ok. A fairly natural reaction you would imagine but it made me realise that actually there isn’t a filter on when/how He plays a part in my life. It isn’t about being happy, chirpy, horny, fluffy and enthused all the time. (We all know that but sometimes something is needed to kick that home).

He’s had a rough time recently one way or another and the fact that I’ve been allowed to share those times too (and hopefully contribute) and am entirely happy to do so was a telling point for me. I’m very happy with the man I’m getting to know and count myself lucky to be able to share regardless of the situation. We’re not in each others pockets but I think we can deal with the vicissitudes of life that we throw at each other !

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