Time to move the sideboard?


It’s very 1960’s style was already dated when I remember it and the blue background with some kind of boomerang motif made it one of the most unique pieces of furniture I can recall seeing. It certainly was of it’s time and was a ‘sizeable lump’ dominating the wall of the dining room against which it had been placed.

Over the course of a few years as my aunt’s health deteriorated, I (along with others) tried our best to get rid of the old sideboard which had long since stopped serving a useful purpose. The content was mainly rubbish although my aunt would never have admitted this to me (or to anyone else). The reason for her steadfast defence of this useless and increasingly bizarre piece of furniture defeated me.

Then at the point she had to move into a home, the real reason became obvious. Asked if she wanted to take the sideboard with her, she indicated firmly, that it could go and she had never really liked it that much. The reason it had been retained was simply that without the sideboard present, the room felt strangely empty and its purpose was quite unclear.

It struck me this week that I’m in a similar space personally. I have taken on some additional ‘stuff’ (the equivalent of new furniture) for the autumn, not least of which a new French conversation course. I suppose I suspect that if I didn’t have these distractions, the evenings would be rather empty and my purpose would seem increasingly uncertain.

I remember when the sideboard did finally go, the room suddenly took on some other possibilities and turned into a very pleasant office/study for the subsequent owners who were unfettered by the constraints of the sideboard.

Looking at my plans for the next few months, I’ve also decided to get rid of some of the stuff and emotionally de-clutter as a result. It’s too easy to fill your life with ‘stuff’ in an attempt to hide a more significant space. So time to be a bit more minimalist for a while and see what can be done about getting my room in order !

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