Time to move your tent to another village


So hopefully a better choice with more flexibility will get around those issues. Those of you who had access to the previous site will be able to see the older posts. Everyone else will be starting from scratch.

I’ll still continue to use Facebook but this is intended for a different (more restricted, trusted and personal) audience. I’m sure that not everything that get’s posted on here will make it to Facebook and vice versa.

Hopefully the bright and sparky friends who get invited to follow will feel empowered to comment, encourage, critique or just keep up with what’s happening or making me think at a given point. I wouldn’t describe any of you as shrinking violets! There is no pressure to read or contribute but there is also an open invitation to throw in your opinion. I am also happy to share any content where sharing buttons are enabled and the post is not marked as private.


Please feel free to comment (moderation is in place to prevent spam).