Turn, turn, turn


My year seems to run something like this. New Years Day and the arrival of February marked by what would have been my late mothers birthday. Nothing much then until the start of the 7 nations rugby and the University Boat Race which marks the run-down to Easter and the arrival of spring.

Easter – even after only one visit, increasingly means Berlin with the May Day Bank Holiday meaning spring is moving towards summer. The summer solstice and then Wimbledon mark the height of summer for me with the start of the Proms, school holidays and the late August bank holiday before the run up to my birthday and the arrival (at least technically) of Autumn and the downward slope towards Christmas which seems all too close.

The arrival of combine harvesters, apples falling from the trees, the first trailers for Strictly come dancing and the skip and jump through October to Firework Night (UK) and Remembrance Day. Then it’s just over a month to Christmas and the whole cycle starts again.

To everything – turn, turn, turn There is a season – turn, turn, turn And a time to every purpose under heaven

The arrival today of the first autumnal mists coinciding with the first airing of the Strictly Come Dancing trailers (whether or not I subsequently watch the series) and a beautiful v of geese flying past this evening mean that summer is now wiping it’s feet before leaving the house for another twelve months.

This year will be something different for me as 6 weeks of mid winter will be spent in Australian mid summer which will undoubtedly screw with my head and personal annual calendar. But for today, I now start to see the shorter evenings, sugars turning to a range of crimsons and russet browns in the leaves on the trees and a chill in the late afternoon sun. Autumn is just a heartbeat away.

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