Unrecognised by an Old Friend

Wyvern Theatre Stage

Wyvern Theatre Stage

A quick call to assist with a couple of photographs took me into the Wyvern Theatre, Swindon today to assist with a friend’s university application.

I found myself on a very familiar stage. I have been fortunate enough to perform on this particular stage more than any other locally and know it well. The challenge of some sight lines to the side stalls, the proximity of the ‘pit’ to the stage apron (potentially very easy to make an unexpected visit to the orchestra) and the relatively shallow depth from upstage to down. All very familiar to me.

However, what struck me was how much time had passed since I last walked on the stage in any performing capacity. It was most certainly as though the theatre didn’t recognise me. Perhaps that isn’t any bad thing as I wasn’t perhaps my most engaging when treading those particular boards, but I did realise how much I missed the feeling of belonging which comes with this particular stage.

Some friends now gone shared some happy times here, some friends now moved away similarly shared rehearsals filled with laughter (in the main) and the thrill of performance. Perhaps one day I may put some of the directing skills I have been working on into practice – there are certainly a good number of plays/pieces I would like to get my teeth into. However, for now I feel I caught a glimpse of a friend from the past who, to my disappointment, didn’t recognise me.

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